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Oriental Rug Cleaning

A specialised technique is required for Woven/Oriental/Persian Rug cleaning.

orientalpersianrugQuality, woven rugs need special attention and poor handling could do a huge amount of damage.  Whether you rug is worth a few hundred pounds or tens of thousands of pounds you can be sure that our specialist cleaning will produce the best possible results.

We will advise on the treatment required, but below is an outline of the technique.

Our Process

It is not possible to give a rug the time and attention it deserves to get it clean in your own home. It needs somewhere where it can be left to dry without being walked on.

One of the first things we do is put the rug upside down on a clean tarpaulin and spend a long time walking up and down vacuuming it. Why? The pile of hand woven/knotted rugs is particularly tight; therefore the abrasive dirt which turns to sands at the base of the pile can’t be got out with regular vacuuming. We can get as much as half a bucket of sand out of a large area rug this way.

Next we vacuum the face pile across all points of the compass.

We then treat the stains/marks. Some of these will not come out particularly with Chinese Rugs. The reason is that the dyes in Chinese Rugs are very delicate, even the stronger colours. If you have had a Chinese Rug for some time, you will have noticed that it has changed colour even just in sunlight. So we have to be very careful what stain removers we use in these circumstances.

The rug is then Hand Shampooed with a specially formulated shampoo for Oriental rugs.

Following this the Rug is then Rinse extracted with a neutralising conditioner.

Finally, if the fringes are heavily soiled, we treat them with a special cleaner that restores them back to their natural colour. (This is an optional treatment as some clients prefer the aged look of fading fringes)

Following this stage, we put air movers across the rug to help speed up the drying process. This is because of the density of the pile and its moisture retaining properties.

Silk and Cotton Rugs need to be dry cleaned. We can perform this service too. Unfortunately it limits the stain removing process, as most stain removers are water based.

This service is more expensive than the normal process, because the Dry Cleaning Solvent is expensive and we also have to pay for the solvent to be recycled. This treatment is also recommended for rugs that are susceptible to colour bleed.

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