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Maintenance Plans

Q. What is a Maintenance Plan?

A. It’s back to what we talked about earlier, being pro-active (planned maintenance) rather than re-active (unplanned maintenance). Quite simply it’s a way of having as many or as few of your carpets as you require, cleaned as often as you need, but you pay for it monthly by Standing Order.

Q. How does it work?

A. The preferred method is that we do an initial clean and stain protect of the carpets you want put on the plan at half the usual cost. (We can carry this out without stain protection if necessary). Then we divide the Total cost of next years clean into twelve monthly payments, and that becomes the standing order amount. Here’s the special part though, because of your loyalty by paying by standing order, we come back in six months time and clean any marks/stains and Traffic Lanes FOR FREE! Not only that, but any accidental stains that occur while you are on the plan, if you can’t get them out, we will come out and clean it up FOR FREE! (Normally a minimum call-out charge of £47 would apply for a stain removal). All of this adds up to a great package! Finally, in twelve months from the initial clean we return and do the Full Clean and Protect package again, only this time you won’t owe us a penny. All the time you keep the standing order in place, we keep coming back!

Q. What if I change my carpet?

A. As soon as your new carpet is put down, we will come out and Stain Protect it FOR FREE! Why? Because we believe in stain protection, and it’s another way of thanking you for your loyalty.
Q. What if I want to add more rooms or furniture?
A. That’s not a problem, we just add the details to the plan, work out the additional cost and you alter your standing order.

Q. What if I want to cancel?

A. Hopefully you won’t want to. Circumstances can sometimes dictate what we do with our finances. If you do decide to cancel, that’s not a problem either. You simply instruct your bank to cancel the mandate and notify us that you are doing so. If you should decide to do this within the first six months, then the outstanding balance of the initial 50% discount would become due. e.g. £200 initial discounted to £100 with £16.66 per month paid for 3 months (total paid £100 + £49.98 = £149.98) cancellation leaves £50.02 balance due. If you should cancel at the end of 6 months then nothing would be owed by either party.

Q. Why should I want a Maintenance Plan?

A. Only you can really answer that question. I can tell you why I think you should have one, but then you might accuse me of being a salesman. The idea of a Maintenance Plan is that your carpets and upholstery will always be clean. If you invest in the best you can afford, if cleanliness is high on your list of priorities, or you like to see a good return on your investment, if you like keeping things like new or you are just what some people might term “house-proud”, then the Maintenance Plan is for you. If you like to control your finances, then the Maintenance Plan is for you because there are no surprises. You know how much it costs and what you are getting. You don’t have to think “Can I afford to have my carpets cleaned this month?” When I call and tell you your carpets are due for cleaning you are keen to arrange a date since you have paid for it.

Q. Can I have a Maintenance Plan without a Standing Order?

A. Yes you can. All we do is divide the Total Cost in half, and you can pay this by cheque or cash as we visit in six monthly intervals.