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What To Look For In a Carpet Cleaning Company

So how do you go about choosing a carpet cleaning company?

The most commonly asked question I get is “How much do you charge for….?”  Whilst it is totally reasonable for everyone of us to be concerned what the cost implication might be, it isn’’t the question that’s going to establish if the company you’re speaking to is qualified to do the job properly and safely.  We all have a budget that we have to work to.  At the same time, what might seem like the affordable option in the first instance can become the most expensive in the long run.


As an example:  A few weeks back I was called to a young couples home.  They had rented a DIY machine to clean their lounge/dining room carpet.  It had developed a really bad smell a few days after they’d cleaned it.  I carried out a few test, and it soon became apparent that the carpet was developing mould and that the underlay was soaked and developing mould too.  The carpet had to be pulled up and the underlay had to be replaced.  I then had to treat, disinfect and clean the back of the carpet to get rid of any hazardous mould, and then repeat the process to the face fibres once the carpet had been re-laid.  All of this could have been avoided by using a reputable, trained, and certified industry professional.


All carpet cleaners claim they are “fully trained”, “fully insured”, “professional”, etc, etc.  So how do you, the consumer find out who you can trust?


So let’s take the first claim, fully trained.

The first question you should ask is:  Are you trained and certified by the National Carpet Cleaners Association?


If they reply “Yes”, then ask them for their membership number?

The reason for those two questions is, that you will immediately find out if they are an industry professional or not.  The N.C.C.A.  sets the standards for how the cleaning should be carried out, and the ethical business practices associated with carpet cleaning.


The second claim, fully insured.

Then you can proceed further to enquire about their insurance.  Do you have treatment risk insurance?  This insurance is the only type of insurance that fully covers both you the consumer, and the cleaning operative.  This type of insurance is only available to certified industry professionals.  Public Liability Insurance does not qualify as “fully insured”.  Anyone operating a business must have Public Liability Insurance, but this does not cover anyone for the work that’s being carried out. If you proceed to the quotation stage, you should ask to see their certificate of insurance.


What system of carpet cleaning do you use?  The system of carpet cleaning used is not the most important thing to know.  However, an industry professional will only discuss what system he is planning to use when he has visited to carry out a proper in home survey.  Anyone that gives a price over the telephone cannot possibly know what type of carpeting he is coming to clean, how much furniture there is to move, and how many stains there are that might require specialist treatment.  All of this affects the system of cleaning used and the price.


How soon will my carpet be dry?

This is important in order to avoid problems like the example I mentioned earlier.  This very much depends upon soiling levels, carpet fibre type and construction, the cleaning method used.  Some can literally be dry in 30 minutes, and some can take a few hours to dry.  Every situation is different and also is affected by the relative humidity on the day of cleaning.  Again, this will be discussed during the in home survey.


You could also ask if they work to Government endorsed standards.  If so, then they will be members of the Governments Trust Mark Scheme too.


The N.C.C.A. and the Trust Mark Scheme are set up to train industry professionals, and to protect consumers from unethical cleaners.


K.D. Contracts are proud members of both the N.C.C.A. and Trust Mark.  We have been trading for over 36 years and have been on countless training courses in that time to keep up to date with industry developments and standards.  We have many loyal clients dating back to when we first started which is reassuring for us.  It means we are continuing to keep our clients happy.


An even easier way to locate an industry professional, is to go the website There you can type in your postcode and it will come up with a list of nearby trained and approved carpet cleaners.