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Keeping your carpets smelling fresh

Some causes of carpet odour are obvious. If there’s a smoker in your home, you have pets, or your kitchen isn’t well ventilated, you’ll probably have problems with carpet odour and have a clear idea of where it’s coming from.
However, other odours can be more subtle and the source less obvious.

To successfully deodorise your carpets, it is essential to remove the source of the odour rather than simply mask the smell with air fresheners and carpet powder. Most carpet deodorising products found in shops use a pleasing scent to overpower a less pleasant aroma, but they do nothing at all to remove the source of the odour and unfortunately this leads to the smell returning.

The best way to deal with odours you can identify, and also those you can’t, is to begin a regular carpet maintenance routine:
1) Vacuum your carpeting regularly. If you have pets, consider vacuuming daily. Work in one small section of carpet at a time and go over each area with multiple overlapping strokes.
2) Stop smoking in the house. If you or anyone in your home is smoking inside the house, it is time to make your home a smoke-free area. Your carpet will hold onto smoke odours and residue making it impossible to keep it deodorised.
3) Ensure your home is well ventilated, poor air circulation is a major cause of odour in carpets.
4) If you have a fan above your cooker, or in your bathroom, be sure to use it to vent moisture and odour.
5) Use area and entry rugs to trap as much obvious dirt as possible.
6) Clean spills immediately and take extra care to remove as much moisture as possible in the process. For emergency tips for spills and stains see our blog post
7) Hire a professional carpet cleaning company to deep clean your carpets, at least once every two years, to remove the embedded soiling and eliminate the source of any odours.

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